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To provide the right product for every need , trees , plantations, etc, Agromelca has developed new heads Z1O Z2O with parallel closing or with two points.
After a long period of study, development and field testing , we offer the possibility to install this product in any model of our brand equipment collector.
Z1O or Z2O will offer performance, reliability and excellent performance in all types of trees. Its design , different and innovative, will let you perform your job perfectly saplings while adult trees.
•    New mooring system to two points.
•    The clamp can be tightened on two or three points.
•    Cylinders located on the back , so ensure their protection.
•    Contact and tighten the excellent tree.
•    Easy latch the trunk.
•    Regulation of the opening of the clamp , so we can adapt to all kinds of trees.
•    Continuous circular vibration with the possibility of power variation of 30-40% with a very simple operation ( 5 min. ) depending on the type of tree to collect ( almond, olive , etc).
•    Z1O. Maximum aperture of 50 cm. Smaller and designed for medium size trees and saplings.
•    Z2O. Maximum aperture of 60 cm. Larger and designed so that their performance is excellent on all types of trees.
Detailed information on the Catalog section and optional equipment either version.


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