We have the most complete portfolio of almond, olive and nut harvesting equipment on the market.

Our range of front, rear and floor pickers covers all your fruit harvesting needs.

In addition, the diversity of extra configurable options makes our equipment offer unbeatable.

We also have extra options for each type of harvester to cover any type of almond, olive and nut harvesting.


of almonds, olives and nuts.

Front collectors

Rear collectors

Soil collectors

Some of our collecting equipment

We have specialised machinery for harvesting work, such as our Classic front olive harvester.

In addition, our entire portfolio of harvesters is designed for the harvesting of almonds and the collection of nuts of all kinds.

Highlights include the TRV front-mounted almond harvester and the VML front-mounted nut harvester.

At Agromelca we have the solution to any harvesting need, thanks to our unbeatable catalogue of harvesters and our second-hand offer.