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What we offer

AGROMELCA, S.L. manufactures harvesting equipment adapted to the type of crop you have, the type of tree (2-3 feet, young plantation, old plantation, etc), the planting frame, vehicle or tractor to which it is to be mounted, type of terrain and the limitations that may arise.

Our values

Wide range of CE-certified and financed products

Get to know the wide variety of products, versions and options we offer, which will allow you to configure the collection equipment that best suits your needs.

All our products are CE certified.

Purchase your collection equipment on campaign and get an additional incentive. Tailor-made financing for 2, 3, 4 and 5 campaigns.

Our objectives

Our main objective has always been to produce high quality and reliable products that offer excellent performance, reduce weight and also allow us to save considerably on fuel consumption.

This purpose has led us to introduce countless improvements and innovations that have been tested and recognised, which are pioneering in the harvesting world and which include the manufacture of aluminium platforms (patented), the Elliptical Electronic System, the hinge for narrow planting frames, etc….

We are committed to I+D+i

This company is continually committed to innovation, research and development of products that make harvesting nuts and olives a comfortable and effortless job for the operator and for the tractor or vehicle carrying the harvesting equipment, in short, to make the field as profitable as possible.

We are improving the world of harvesting every day.

Agromelca s.l. is a family business created in 2003 and is made up of young, ambitious people with experience in the agricultural sector and more specifically in the mechanised harvesting of olives and nuts

Do you want to know what makes our almond, olive and nut pickers so special?

Agromelca is a small family business, which was set up in 2003 by four very young people, aged between 21 and 28.

The four partners belong to the second generation of a family that has always been linked to the agricultural machinery sector.

Agromelca’s main activity is the manufacture of fruit harvesting equipment.

From the beginning, the aim has always been to offer products that are totally different from the existing ones, innovating and continually introducing improvements and new concepts, which have led to significant advances in the mechanised harvesting sector

With our innovative mentality, the differentiation of our products and the use of new communication technologies, in 2008 Agromelca was able to create a national distribution network and start exporting the first units.

We currently have 25 distribution points in Spain and regularly export to 15 countries. Year after year, the number of exported units increases thanks to the consolidation of the Agromelca brand in the countries where we are already present, and also thanks to the distribution that we are starting in new countries.

We currently have three work centres, two in the province of Teruel, specifically in Calaceite, and the third in Brazil, where we have created the subsidiary Agromelca Máquinas Agrícolas Do Brasil LTDA.