What we offer

Agromelca, SL manufactures adapted equipment to the type of crop that you have, the type of tree (2-3 feet, young plantation, old plantation, etc.) under plantation, vehicle or tractor that should be mounted, type of terrain and the limitations may arise.

Agromelca, SL offers practical solutions.

Wide variety of products, versions and options

Learn about the wide variety of products, versions and options that we offer, and allow you to configure the harvesting equipment that best suits your needs.

All our products have CE certification.

Get your collector equipment in campaign and get an additional incentive. Customized financing as 2, 3, 4 and 5 campaigns.

Our goals

Our main goal has always been to manufacture high quality products, reliable, offering excellent performance, reduce weight and also allow us to significantly save fuel.

This goal has led us to introduce many improvements and new features which have been proven and recognized, they are pioneers in the world of collecting and among others are; manufacturing platforms aluminum (patented), the Electric Elliptical, hinge for planting narrow frames, etc .

Investing in innovation

This company is continually investing in innovation, research and product development that will achieve that collecting nuts and olives is a comfortable working without effort to the operator and the tractor or vehicle carrying the collecting equipment, ultimately, the field is as profitable as possible

We improve daily world collection

Agromelca S.L. is a family business founded in 2003 and is made up of young people with ambition and experience in the agricultural sector and more specifically in the mechanical harvesting of olives and nuts.

We improve daily world collection

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