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Which harvesting platform is best for your plantations?

Harvesting platforms are one of the main add-ons on a harvester. According to the demographic area they have many names: umbrella, collecting platform, chest of drawers, shepherds…

When choosing which one you are interested in purchasing, you have to think about several aspects such as the size of the trees to be harvested (according to the mouth of the umbrella), the tractor or machine to which it will be mounted (its weight), the type of fruit ( peelers or not) and where to unload it (depending on the elevation), the fruit storage capacity…

The weight of the collector is very important when choosing what to buy because it will depend on whether you can adapt it to your tractor or not. The two options that exist in the market are aluminum or iron. The big difference between both materials is weight.

With the aluminum platforms it is possible to reduce the weight compared to the same conventional umbrella (iron). This weight reduction has several advantages such as less wear and tear on the vehicle that supports it, increased vehicle handling, safety, agility in maneuvering and speed of movement.

Our collection platforms are made of both aluminum and iron, it only depends on the customer’s choice. In both options, their tubular manufacture facilitates entry and exit maneuvers to the tree, and they can also incorporate two peelers and two augers to clean the fruit (nuts).

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