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This November we have had several demonstrations of the collection equipment organized by several of our distributors.

On November 7 Agromelca we traveled to Setubal, Portugal, where our distributor Manuel Fialho prepared a demonstration with the VM1-XT10 front harvesting equipment.

On this occasion, this VM1-XT10 collector model incorporated the new Z30 parallel head with which we carried out tests on the harvest of ripe pineapples.

That same day, on November 7, in Livanates, Greece, our distributor in the country Petros Petropoulos, carried out a demonstration with two rear harvesting equipments.

The collectors that showed in these tests in olive harvesting were the VT00-XT10 model with PNA80 PLUS collection platform and Z10 parallel head and the VTL Lateral model.

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