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On March 14th in Agromelca we received the visit of the students of the school of Calaceite to learn how to make our equipment collectors of almonds, olives and nuts. It was a fantastic experience!
During the second trimester of the 2018-19 school year, the primary school pupils of the CRA Matarranya de Calaceite public school they made the project of the machines. Within this project, they studied what machines are, what kind of machines exist, their functionality and purpose, etc.

To finish their studies on the machines, a visit to our factories was prepared, where we showed the differences between the simplest machines such as the collecting platforms, and a composite machine, which are the collection machines with the system of added vibration. In addition, we also explained the concept with the understanding of teamwork, as well as in Agromleca. To work in team and chain work is very important to be able to offer the best quality in our products.

This visit allows us to share the vision of the little ones and their curiosities. Now it remains to be able to perform a final operation of the harvesting devices machines on real conditions on the field with almond or olives harvesting tasks. We hope to complete the day at the beginning of the next school season.

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