Agromelca. Trip to Argentina and Brazil 2019

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This 2019 has started with a grat trip from Calaceite to Argentina and Brazil, with the challenger of visiting several clients and supervising the manufacture of several units of collectors in our Brazilian subsidiary.

At the end of January several of our colleagues travelled to Argentina where they visited some of pur customers and owners of Agromelca’s harvesting equipment.

After several days of visits, they moved to Brazil, more especifically to Arroio Do Meio, where de subsidiary Agromelca Mauinas Agricolas Do Brasil is located.

There, they supervised the manufacturing ans assembly work of the harvesting equipment that is were supplied to several Brazilian customers for the olive harvesting season of this year, which began in middle February.

During the stay of our colleagues in Arroio Do Meio, Agromelca Maquinas Agricolas Do Brasil delivered the first VTL rear harvesting equipment made entirely in Agromelca Brazil. It was made for the client called Tecnoplanta.

You learn more about the rear harvesting equipment VTL here:

With this trip, Agromelca consolidates in Brazil as a manufacturer of fruit harvesting equipment.

During this 2019, we have manufactured and supplied, throough our subsidiary Agromelca Maquinas Agricolas Do Brasil, several harvesters that its have already been delivered and are harvesting olives with an excellent yield.

In the next few days we will show you some videos of the work done in the harvest of the olive made during our trip.

More about Agromelca Brazil:

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