Agromelca. Trip to Argentina and Brazil

  İçinde Haberler

At the beginning of March several of our colleagues traveled to Argentina to make several deliveries of harvesting equipment, and to Brazil, to manufacture our equipment at Agromelca Máquinas Agrícolas Do Brasil.

The first stage of this trip began in Mendoza, Argenitna, where our colleagues traveled to deliver and start up a VT00-XT10 Classic rear collection equipment with a DGA80 Plus collection platform and a three-point vibration head for young tree, like this:

The second part of the trip took them to Arroio Do Meio, in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. Where they worked together with our colleagues from Agromelca Maquinas Agrícolas Do Brasil in the manufacture of various harvesting equipment.

The trip coincided with the celebration in Caçapava do Sul of the 9th Official Opening of Colheita da Oliva. Event in which our colleagues from Agromelca Brazil exposed and showed the operation of the Castellari shakers and a VTL Agromelca vibration equipment. On this occasion, this fair has received the visit of Governor Eduardo Leite.

But our colleagues had to end their trip suddenly because of the State of Alarm decreed by our government on March 14.


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