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October began with the participation of Agromelca in the First Edition of Demoagro Specialty held in Turís, Valencia, and which exceeded the figure of 7,000 visitors.

The 1st Edition of Demoagro Specialty was held on October 1, 2 and 3 in Turís, Valencia. There, Agromelca carried out several demonstrations of our harvesting equipment for almonds, olives and nuts.

Demoagro Specialty saw more than 30 brands of agricultural machinery, including Agromelca, intended for special crops such as citrus, vine, fruit trees … With their specific needs. In addition, on October 2, it merged with Agrievolution, the international agri-food summit that was held for the first time in Spain and which is also dedicated to special crops.

For this event, Agromelca presented the VT00-XT10 mixed rear collector, mounted on a reversible Antonio Carraro tractor. With which we offered several demonstrations doing olive harvesting work.

In addition, during those days the recording of the Agrosfera program of La 2 of TVE was made, to show what Demoagro Specialty consists of, and of which we show you a part in which our collectors appear: we are at minute 19!

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