Agromelca with LOBO 8-XTREM RAID

 Em Noticias (pt)

Team LOBO 8-XTREM RAID, which sponsors Agromelca, happened to see us by our facilities in Calaceite (Teruel). Are performing the preparation for its new participation in the Panafrica 2016 that is held in Morocco from the 17 to the 24 of September.

Panafrica is a raid of navigation that will start on September 17 from Melilla/Nador and ends in Fez, the 24th of the same month. It’s a true navigation test where he who wins is not the fastest but he who takes the shortest route throughout the event within a given time and never exceeding the 80 km/h limit.

Panafrica is a pioneer event for two reasons, one by its concept of “shortest path”, and the second because it is the only test that can participate all types of motor vehicles. This is of the only linear orientation raid, where all participants must pass waipoints in the same order, and everyone has a week prior to event to plan their routes, which equals the possibilities between teams.

Since Agromelca we wish the team good luck in this adventure!










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