Agromelca. New harvesting equipment VML

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Today we want to show you our new collector model for olives and nuts equipment. This is the new VML version, a front-sideway collecting device machine with aluminum collecting platform which has autonomous movements.

This new VML model is suitable for semi-intensive and normal plantations (since 3 meters between trees and 4 meters between rows).

The main feature of this new VML model is the lateral displacement of the harvesting equipment until the head contacts the trunk, since that moment, it is performed the opening of the umbrella, the locking arms of the clamp and to connect the vibration (with optional vibration in one or two directions). After few seconds of vibration, it is performed opening the arms of the clamp and close the umbrella, and return the lateral displacement to the initial position before spread off is done.

This collecting equipment admit of installation of the shovel for the user in the most appropriate position. To ease transport incorporates support rotating wheels. This is the first collector device machine mixed in the market which works in front-sideway with unloading trailer.

We hope you like our new VML model.

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