Agromelca. Agroequipos S.P.A. new distributor in Chile

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Agroequipos S.P.A. has become the new distributor of Agromelca’s olive, almond and nut harvesting equipment in Chile.

Agromelca, S.L. has reached a new agreement with Agroequipos S.P.A. for the distribution of our almond, olive, walnut and other nut harvesters. Agroequipos consequently becomes Agromelca’s distributor for Chile.

Agroequipos is a company that designs and manufactures industrial machinery for agriculture, focussing on harvesting, post-harvesting and fruit packing equipment. They have a highly qualified, professional workforce which is located in Paine Commune, in the Maipo Province, Chile. Here is the link to their website:


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