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Agromelca. New harvesting equipment VML

04 Ott 16

Today we want to show you our new collector model for olives and nuts equipment. This is the new VML version, a front-sideway collecting device machine with aluminum collecting platform which has autonomous movements.

Distribution of our collectors equipments in California

31 Ago 16

During the last week, Agromelca, we were in California where we have done the start up and delivery of the collectors equipments, for Mr. Greg Massa and for Mr. Kenneth D. Farrar, and we have signed an agreement collaboration with Garton TRactors for the distribution our collectors equipments in this US state.

Delivery of two collectors equipments in Greece

30 Ago 16

At the beginning of this month of August, Agromelca, we have been in the region of Larissa in Greece next to our Distributor Agripan. We have made the delivery and set up of two collectors equipments for almonds and olives.

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