Agromelca. New harvesting equipment for almonds and dried fruits VTS

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Agromelca we have manufactured a new model of harvesting equipment for almonds and dried fruits, it is the rear model of the VTS collector.

It is a suspended rear harvesting equipment with many new features and was very successful at FIMA 2020.

These are its main characteristics:

Storage hopper of 500 -570kg approx.

Double auger

Double peeler

Hydraulic regulation of peelers and augers

One left + 1 right vibration

Cobra remote control

Simultaneous movements (Umbrella + clamp)

Automatic sequential movements (optional)

Unloading of the fruit by means of a worm through a channeled tube

And many more properties that you can see here

If you want more information about this or another collector model … your nearest Agromelca dealer will help you! Find it here


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