Agromelca. Apple harvesting 2019

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From Agromelca we traveled to Aduna, Guipúzkoa, to carry out various demonstrations with our harvesting equipments in the demolition of apples.

In October, Agromelca and Antonio Carraro held a joint demonstration at Aduna of our harvesting equipment mounted on Antonio Carraro tractors. In this demonstration, the harvesting equpments carried out demolition of apples destined for the production of cider.

The rear collectors we showed were the VTL model and the VT00-XT10 model with an aluminum collection platform.

Lateral VTL molding is characterized by the low height of the vibration equipment that makes it easy for us to maneuver in very narrow planting frames or those that are difficult to access with machines. In addition, it incorporates support tires that allow us to install it on small tractors.

Get to know it better here:

The VT00-XT10 model is designed for the collection of all kinds of trees. It has unloading of the fruit by means of vertical elevation and it has support tires to facilitate its stability during the elevation.

Find out more about this model here:

But our visit did not end with these demonstrations, we also carried out the delivery and start-up of another rear collection equipment VT00-XT10 PNA80 PLUS in Colunga, in the region of the cider in the Principality of Asturias.

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