Agromelca. Apple harvesting test in Asturias

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In December, we tested our VTL rear harvesting equipment for shaking apples from the trees in Asturias.

On 5th December, we travelled to Asturias to test the apple shaking harvester in conjunction with Cooperativa Campoastur. We used the VTL Classic rear-mounted harvester for this test, which is mounted to the rear of the tractor.  As this piece of equipment does not have a collection platform, it is ideal for this type of plantations with narrow spaces between the rows. More information about this rear-mounted harvester can be found at

Here at Agromelca, we are proud of the test results obtained using the VTL rear-mounted side harvester for shaking applies from the trees.

A video of the apple harvesting test in Asturias can be seen here.

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