Agromelca. Harvesting Equipment for Oil Camellias in China

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The month of December took us to China, more specifically to the state of Guangzhou, to carry out the delivery and start-up of a VM1-XT10 Classic front harvesting equipment with a PNA 80 Plus collection platform.

At the beginning of December, some of our colleagues traveled to Guagzhou, in the Canton of China, to deliver and start up a front harvesting equipment prepared for the collection of Camellia Oleifera to our client Guangzhou Supeng Construction Machinery.

Camellia Oleifera is a plant native to China and belonging to the theaceae family. It is an important source for obtaining edible oil, which is extracted from its seeds.During the trip, our colleagues visited the plantations where they carried out tests with the collecting equipment. With which, a few days later, and in collaboration with Bocat Equipment, Gou Debiao, our distributor in the area, carried out a demonstration and promotion of Bobcat and Agromelca products as production mechanisms in the area of ​​Guangdong province.Event that achieved very good results due to the high attendance of participants and the good impressions they showed about our collection equipment VM1-Xt10 Classic PNA 80 Plus.

The main guests attending the meeting were: Niu Baojun, deputy director of the Guangdong Province Department of Agriculture, Luo Xiwen, academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lei Yuchun, deputy mayor of the Qingyuan Municipal People’s Government, Liu Genzhi, group chair of the Merrill Lynch Foundation, and staff in charge of agricultural departments in various regions, with a total of 250 participants.

The collector model shown is the VM1-XT10 with PNA 80 PLUS collection platform

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